By March 2020, the second year of loans had been given out as part of our Women Social Entrepreneurship program and most businesses had only just begun running smoothly. Everyone in Sharana was excited and looking forward to the upcoming year which was going to be full of trainings and events with our Women Entrepreneurs. 

But fate decided otherwise, and everything came to a complete halt in the end of March with the first lockdown, when we were just about to start our capacity building workshops and follow-up work alongside our Women Entrepreneurs. We had to change the course of our actions and activities; and moved from training and capacity-building towards emergency support and follow up amid the Pandemic; and while the last 8 months were a big struggle for the women of the program, it was also a time of great learning. 

There could not have been a better time to witness human struggle as well as human resilience- our Women Entrepreneurs faced each hurdle and challenge thrown at them with an undaunting graceful spirit. We have been documenting these stories one after another in our series titled: “Women’s Struggles and Resilience during the Covid-19 Pandemic”- these have been published on our website since July 2020. 

Today we are launching a compilation of these amazing stories, penned by board member Mrs Alo Sud. We are sure that these will resonate with each and every one of you. Presenting Our Women Entrepreneurs – Our Corona Super Warriors.  

Feel free to download this booklet or read it online.