Our team of social workers has been in constant contact with all the beneficiaries we support through #CycloneNivar.

Our efforts for reducing the damage caused by #CycloneNivar began early. We had been creating awareness among the children and families since the beginning of week; We instructed the families living in low-lying areas or very close to the sea to move inland and towards higher grounds. Choose #SafetyFirst, was the motto we urged our beneficiaries to follow.

The government has been extremely proactive and well-prepared in the case of #CycloneNivar; they have been efficient as well as prompt in evacuating the vulnerable families from low lying areas as well as clearing the fallen trees, repairing electrical lines and freeing water logged areas in the aftermath of the cyclone.

Over 200 temporary shelters were created for the vulnerable populations for #CycloneNivar; several special emergency helplines were put into place and proficiently handled throughout the night and the next day.

While the damage, to a great extent has been minimised due to this level of preparedness and premeptive measures; our beneficiaries have still been affected, some more than others. 

In our efforts to bring normalcy back at the soonest, we will be distributing larger number of food packets than usual for a few days; we are confident that given the present situation this support will make sure the children and their families do not go hungry during this time.


Many of our beneficiaries have been taking shelter in these temporary government set-ups and will take 2-3 days to get back home and organise their huts/small 1-room homes back to a workable set up. For many every single thing they own could be soaking wet, if not floating in water. For others who live on the street; there is still 2-3 days of expected rain our way. Some areas are still without electricity but we are confident that it should be restored at the soonest.

Other relief measures will also be planned and rolled out, outreach visits have been ongoing since 6 am this morning. 

A shout out to our team of social workers, our very own #CycloneNivar Warriors.