Dear Friends,

Post the heavy rains, and its aftermath- all our beneficiaries and programs have faced severe damage and the results of these long and incessant rains are irreversible for some. This post comes as an urgent call for HELP.

In our various programs the social workers have done extensive house visits, and village tours and the state is nothing short of terrible!

The village of Angalakuppam, where Sharana has been working since 2002, has been badly affected by the rains. Since it is next to the backwaters, the floods came into the village and water came into the homes of the first few homes. Sharana opened its community centre to house these families in the night, and the dispensary has been working overtime to tend to the sick.

The VTC boys’ homes, most of which are thatched roofed huts, have faced severe damage. Many areas in surrounding villages are still water-logged.

The sponsorship children have had major leaks in their homes, and water was flowing through and through certain homes!

Nothing compares to the suffering of the street and slum children; they had no dry place to shelter themselves from the rain, no food, medicines or dry clothes. The Gayatri House has done everything in its capacity to care for the children and to protect and nourish them. It is open for longer hours, taking care of food, safety and medical issues.

The social workers and staff of Sharana are doing a commendable job, with the given resources we have. Help has already been provided, and more has been promised.

Although Sharana, the government, the village chief and some private organisations provided some food during the toughest days; the problems are far from over.

In all our programs, since most of the members are daily wage labourers, they have not managed to earn any money since they had no work due to the incessant rains since the beginning of November.
The main support which we have to provide to all the members of these programs is provisions. They have the basic means to cook, wood fired ovens, but no money to buy the provisions. They risk going hungry for the coming weeks if we are unable to provide them with basic provisions such as rice, lentils, cooking oil, sugar etc

We are seeking urgent donations, in cash or kind of the above items. We need this help as soon as possible.

You could send us money directly
Help us help them!