Children’s Food and Nutrition remains a major concern in several communities Sharana works in. Before Covid-19, while most children used to have at least one meal at Sharana every day, the younger children used to have two meals and a snack at our centre.

To address the lack of Food and Nutrition of families we support, we have distributed provision kits since April and have reached out to 1000+ families.

Till date we have disbursed over 10000 kg of Rice, 1000 kg of Dal and Sugar, Oil, Rava & Essential spices among other items.

We are not able to resume regular activities at Sharana given the number of cases rising every day; however, we are doing the best within the New Normal.

Since mid-August we have also begun distributing food packets to over 350 children in vulnerable areas in and around Pondicherry as well as in Angalakuppam every day.

All hygiene Good practices such as proper Social Distancing, as well as Compulsory wearing of Masks and Sanitising of Hands are maintained during the same.

This way, at least one meal of the children is taken care of while the social workers are also working with parents are working hard to re-establish their social and economic bases.

You can Support Sharana’s drive for Food and Nutrition for children by donating for the cause.