We are proud to share that the Sharana VTC program production unit –the boys along with Mani have successfully completed another project of the professional woodwork for an upcoming apartment.

They created 30 shutter frames, 21 door frames, 11 window frames and 8 ventilation frames for the same. The order took little over 3 months for completion.

Sharana facilitates this “internship” for these boys, which gives them practical, hands-on work experience rather than the theory/practice they’ve had so far; they come face to face with the need to work efficiently so that their efforts can be profitable; they learn the realities of the actual profession. During the course of this order the boys learned to evaluate and resize the wood, do the main wood work and then also learned the fine details of the finishing touch. Through the three phases the boys learned to work holistically on a large project.

In the first month, we called a student from the last batch to assist Mani with resizing the wood and operating the machines. He also guided the students through the work because working on such a scale is new to them. In the second phase, the boys worked by themselves with the supervision and help of their teacher and in the last phase- that is the last week, we hired a professional carpenter to help with the finishing touches.

Sharana is aware that during the first orders, we don’t make a significant monetary profit of these projects given that we have to pay both the helper carpenter and an additional carpenter, nevertheless the boys certainly profit from these enriching learning experiences. Not only do they learn to work within time frames and meet deadlines but they also realise practically on what scale they would eventually be working. They get a hands-on and in-depth experience of working in a real project which, more importantly, raises their skill-set as well as their self-esteem.