At Sharana we want the children to make friends with books and learn to escape into the world of the written word. This year, Sharana used StoryWeaver material for a reading programme we ran as part of the summer camps at both our urben and rural centres.

StoryWeaver is an open source digital platform from Pratham Books on which stories can be read, downloaded, translated, versioned or printed.

The reading programme had a series of stories, specially designed for Indian children in the context of the summer holidays. The images were real and local, the names were Indian, in short, the scenarios were palpable and imaginable by our children. The effect of these stories, even in a few weeks was tangible and encouraging.

Here is a blog posted on StoryWeaver’s website, showcasing Sharana’s partnership with them. Suganya from the StoryWeaver partnerships team, talks to Vandana from team Sharana.