We are doing a little year-end catching up here at Sharana — not only tying together the year’s loose ends but filling in gaps in our blog stream created during the prior months, when those of us tending to the blog and communications in general were away from Pondicherry.

But work never ceases, even with such breaks, and so here is the first of a few belated updates.

Uma Subramanian from ADMCF and Nancy from the Stairway Foundation organized and facilitated a training workshop on children’s rights and the prevention of child sexual abuse in late October 2012. The 2-day session was held at the Aranganur Center, and was directed to Sharana social workers (as you see from the photos). Later in the month, Sharana’s social workers held a follow-up training for the remaining rural staff, including drivers and others who regularly are involved in Sharana’s rural development programs.

The training included presentation of case studies, stories and practical implementation activities on matters related to child abuse  in our context. There was a particular focus on the United Nations Convention on Child Rights and relevant other child rights schemes. 9 social workers and one caretaker participated in the initial training; 13 in the later phase of internal training for Sharana’s rural staff by the social worker team.

One of Sharana’s longer-term goals is in capacity-building and the professionalization of our staff, and such trainings are a critical step in that direction. Join us in thanking ADMCF/Stairway for their contributions, and Sharana’s social workers for successful completion of this training