Like every year Sharana celebrated International Women’s day earlier today. Mothers of children from many of Sharana’s programs, slums, villages and communities came together to enjoy a day of festivities, sports and activities. Several of the mothers brought along their babies in arms who were cared for at the venue by Sharana’s staff.

The day started with a body awareness and thought-gathering activity conducted by Ms Swati Mohanty, followed by a sharing session filled with recounting of funny anecdotes and tales of courage and, of how Sharana’s presence and support helped the women go for work, become stronger and in turn happier family makers. These sharing sessions are personal moments of togetherness which we hold on to and remember fondly throughout the year.

The program then continued on by presenting the Seeds of Change program to the women and conducting some sessions with them; they responded wonderfully to the session and have requested that the women be involved in the regular Seeds of Change sessions in the slums and villages. The morning ended with some fun games and an impromptu dancing gala.

A sumptuous lunch where groups sat together and made new friends and learnt about each other’s struggles and lives concluded the day’s session; the women and Sharana’s staff left with warm goodbyes and hoping for the next March 8th to be back very soon!

This year’s celebrations were once again possible thanks to the generous support by Mrs Josette Rey from Souffle de l’Inde.

While we believe that every day is Women’s Day- March 8th allows us to celebrate this together with strength and stories of hope.