14 year-old Jana and his little sister from the Kandoctorthotham Slum are both part of Sharana’s street and slum programs. Jana has been passionate and brilliant in his studies- especially about Maths and Science since childhood. He dreams of becoming a scientist and making India proud in the world. He is kind, warm and well-behaved. This year he starts his 10th standard preparations and we wish him all the very best.

Sharana’s board member Alo has written this beautiful poem after hearing about Jana’s story.

Like a “violet by a mossy stone”
Or the evening star in the sky
Like a pearl hidden in an shell
Or the century palms stand high
The exception does create a rule
And beauty lurks in the unexpected
A treasure waits to be discovered
In the spaces least expected

In the squalor of a street slum
There live a boy and a girl
Of rare intelligence and capacity
Of hope and possibility
Mathematics is on his mind
Bold Adventures in hers
Bright minds that caught our extended hand
Little steps to plans more grand
We show them the wings they themselves have
Guide them to goals they always crave
Dare them to leap and learn to fly
And once in flight they own the sky

The more we work the more we see
That a puff of wind can set sail a ship
Through seas though rough and storms though wild
Nearer the dream in the heart of the child