The last year and a half have been turbulent, to say the least, and our social workers faced a lot of challenges both at the work and in their personal lives.

They have been working day in and day out, witnessing and supporting families in the community through some really difficult experiences esp amid Covid-19; many have also gone through some very tough moments in their own personal lives. 

To support a healing and rejuvenating process, our in-house EXA Practitioner, Manuel conducted a series of Expressive Arts sessions with the team across the week.

Several group sessions have been conducted; and in each one the social worker is encouraged to feel, understand, and focus on their own emotions and inner selves and express them in different modalities such as drawing, dance, painting, poetry, journaling, etc. 

So far, the social workers have been able to own up to their emotions and reactions very bravely. “Who am I really? What makes me angry, what makes me sad? How and why do we change ourselves to react or fit into certain social situations? and what happens when we are not ourselves?” .. these are questions that are alive at the moment. 

The next week, Manuel will follow this up with Individual sessions with each of the social workers where the process of Intermodal Expressive Arts will aim to give courage to the individual from his/her own inner resources to be true to one’s own self.

This is only a beginning- several follow-up Expressive art sessions have been planned out by Manuel and Vandana(recently turned Expressive Arts Practitioner herself!) in the coming months.