Exam results were out earlier in June, and Sharana’s sponsored students are among the toppers! Join us in congratulating Maheswari, Ajith Kumar, and Saranya on their outstanding accomplishments. Here are their stories, as narrated by Ravi Anand Subramanium, who is lead social worker on the Sponsorship team.

Maheswari (pictured on the left) completed 10th standard in Savarirayalu Nayagar Higher secondary school and secured 446/500 marks in the public examination. Excellent performance and sustained effort from her with the support of Sharana. She secured 99/100 in Social studies. Special private tuition class was possible thanks to Sharana support. The father of the child works as a gardener in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, getting only daily wages. He has blood pressure and nervous disorders. Maheswari has two sisters and the family lives in a rented house. It was big challenge to support their children’s education, even to think of day-to-day survival, because of poor economic conditionsIn the year 2005, Sharana began to support Maheswari, which was great motivation for the child and their family.

P. Ajith kumar (middle) has finished 10th standard in Bharath English High School, Ariyankuppam, Puducherry, and secured 446/500 marks in the public examination, thanks to his constant effort and hard work and the support of Sharana.  His excellent performance in Mathematics secured him a 99/ 100 score! Ajith’s father works as an electrician’s coolie assistant, with only seasonal labor. Ajith’s mother is a housemaid. Their meager income was not sufficient for the family to eat and support their children. In the year 2009 Ajith Kumar began obtaining support from Sharana, and we are proud to see how far he has come in his studies ever since!

Saranya (right) has completed 12th standard at Soucilabai Government Girls Higher Secondary school with 971/1200 marks in the public examination. Her father is a fisherman. His income is based on his daily catch. He lost his whole business in the Tsunami. Saranya’s mother works as a housemaid. The couple has four children, living together in two small rooms with no separate kitchen. In this situation, it is very difficult to survive and give effective educational opportunities to their children. Saranya began receiving Sharana support for school and tuitions in 2006. With the support of her family and the assistance of Sharana, Saranya’s education status improved as we see from her performance in her examinations.