We have introduced Yoga into the programs of Sharana this year among our other activities. The reactions in each of our programs have been undoubtedly positive and reenergising.

A trained yoga instructor has been conducting yoga classes (asanas and stretching) for the team of Sharana at the main office once a week since February. The social workers, as well as other members of the team, get very tired both emotionally and physically during their work on the field as well as in front of the computer; postures are not well maintained and muscles are terribly sore most of the time. There is also a build-up of stress which the staff does not always have the time to release on a regular basis.

We have seen a wonderful feeling of camaraderie grow between the team members during and after these sessions. We are also observing a slow increase of interest for them to take care of their own health and emotional balance; this is very important on the long run for the staff’s personal emotional and physical health as well as for their performance within the organisation.

Sharana also introduced Yoga asanas during the yearly summer camps, needless to say the sessions were a great success among children of all ages! The classes were made specifically keeping the age of the children in mind- we plan to continue more regular sessions with the children throughout the year.


Finally, we took the occasion of International Yoga Day to do a Yoga session with the mothers of our street and slum children program last evening. A feeling of awareness and joy filled the evening air as the session concluded as the sun set. Om Shanti Om.