Earlier today, Mrs Rajkala, Mrs Alo and social worker and Child Protection Officer Manuel spent the morning with the teachers and students of the social work department in the Pondicherry University.

Mrs Rajkala made a presentation(with inputs from Mrs Alo and Manuel) on Child Protection Policy and its importance in an institution and organisation- she then went on to present the basics of Child Abuse, and the different signs of each of these kinds of Abuse.

The department of Social Work is celebrating the World Social Work Day through various events this week and this session was planned as part of these celebrations.

These ideas were presented through a detailed power point presentation and interspersed with explanations, clarifications, analysis of certain situations, going through certain “if” situations as well as a detailed question and answer session.

A warm thank you to Dr Nalini, board member of Sharana and professor and head of the Department of Social Work for inviting Sharana(once again) to the University, as well a shout out to the teachers of the department and the batch of over 50 enthusiastic students!