-penned by Volunteer Mona Pournima Anuru

I had the opportunity to conduct a few origami activities in the last few months for the children at Sharana and they all loved it.

It helps them develop dexterity, rigour, and develops further their understanding of geometry. All this in a fun way! Moreover, whenever I had the chance, I would make it compulsory for the children to make two origamis— one which they would keep and the other to give to a younger child who could not attend the activity. It was a chance to learn to give. Which was not always easy… I was also learning how to give my time: patience and repetition were key factors that helped me ensure the success of the activity.

For instance, the children were sometimes intimidated by the seemingly complexity of an origami but then once I made them realise how simple it is, they would delve into the work tirelessly!

Conducting the activities were not effortless at all for me; however, the delight in their eyes once they had achieved their origami was worth it.

@ Sharana Social and Development Organisation, Pondicherry