Sharana has been working with Aranganur Government Primary School for over a decade, and what a change we have seen!

Where before the school struggled to retain students (under 70 children in year 2008), now the classrooms buzz with engaged, hardworking and motivated children (105 children today!). Much of this positive progress has been driven forward by the school’s headmaster, Mr. Sathiyamoorthy. He has striven to give the children the kind of high-class education expected in private schools.

Sharana has been worked closely with Mr. Sathiyamoorthy on this project, providing our own tools so that together we can make this dream into a reality. Over the years, our work has included the beautification of the school through wall painting the school and numerous Seeds of Change sessions, which have created awareness on various subjects using sports and games as well as distribution of educational material.

Recently, we also extended our support by distributing sports uniforms. For people who have not gone through the Indian academic system, it should be highlighted that only really children in private schools have sports uniforms. When the social workers arrived with the brand-new sportswear, the children were elated!

Having their own sports uniform carried so much importance; it has given them pride in their school and made them feel part of a team. Although they are very young, these uniforms have brought an element of professionalism to their sports games- they feel no less than students from private schools in these bright and colourful uniforms which they will wear every Friday for sports day in school.

Sharana’s work in the Aranganur Primary School exemplifies our Collective Sponsorship model of development. By using funding effectively, our social workers have been able to provide uniforms to all of the children instead of just supporting a few. Moreover, by collectively sponsoring the entire school, we have helped to improve the learning environment for everyone. Also, it is fair to say that Sharana has been able to reach a much higher number of beneficiaries in this way.

Lastly, it should be acknowledged that because of the success of our Collective Sponsorship program, the hard work of the school Head master, teachers and the government’s investment in schools, that we are positively looking forward to a self-sufficient and sustainable culture in this school (and in others) in the near future where Sharana’s constant support may not be required.