– as penned by Alo Sud, board member- Sharana
He passed away, brutally snatched from us all, early that morning. It was Deepavali, festive and merry. There was light and laughter. We were happy. He was on his way home, with freshly cut poultry. We were going to feast. The lorry came and crushed the life out of him, sniffed the light out of our lamps. The air stood still as was the arrested numbed emotions in our hearts.

Father was gone. Brother graduated, and worked. Mother toiled. She laboured hard for so little as she had no skill. And then I failed my 12th exams. Failure meant I would not work like by brother, without any skill I saw my life unfold like my mother’s. She deserved better, so did I.

In a year I will be a carpenter, a skilled trained professional! I’ve grabbed this chance to make a difference. No one knew, but I will tell you, this is something I always wanted to do. This training has given me the chance to change my life, and while I learn I help my family with my stipend. Finally I dare to dream.

My name is Parvin Raj and I owe my confidence to the VTC programme at Sharana.