While Sharana works for children and their well-being everyday- we still celebrate Children’s Day with great energy and enthusiasm.

This year celebrations took place in all children’s programs and while the children remain children, the adults become kids again on this day, and laughter and fun filled up each program site of the organisation today.

While the creche children in Angalakuppam danced, played and ate warm Kesari to celebrate this special day, the SOC team brought fun and laughter through 10 sessions in various schools and programs of Sharana.

The evening brought with it the mixing of children of the street and slum children centre, the Gayatri House drop in centre children, and the children of both the homework help centres(main office and Gayatri House) at the main office for a cultural program.

As a special item in the performance, 9 girls of the drop in centre performed a beautifully choreographed Bharatnatyam performance for three full minutes; this item was specially choreographed and rehearsed to perfection by Sumati, their teacher, friend and hero. We take this occasion to thank Sumati for her continued support towards Sharana and unwavering energy towards her classes. She is happy to see the progress the students have made in just 5 months; she realises the social impact the dance classes have had on the girls’ lives and she really would like them to continue having this same interest and passion towards this beautiful classical Indian dance form. She also graced the occasion by doing a dance on Lord Ganesha.

The cultural program also had rehearsed speeches both in English and Tamil, as well as a special dance perfomanced by certain staff of the Gayatri House as a surprise for the children.

The evening ended with a distribution of some stationary items for the children; volunteer Cecile Refait who has been working at the Gayatri House for 2 months, gifted the same to the children on this special day. Some cake and milk were also shared together on this occasion.

While laughter, joy and sharing filled all the children’s faces and hearts- the adults returned home with a smile of their face. What a happy day, happy Children’s day!