It all started with Sharana being invited through the Lt. Governor’s office for a meeting organised in the prison by the Inspector General of Police (Prisons) Mr Pankaj Kumar Jha where several NGOs were present to discuss along with Dr Bedi and Mr Jha towards creating a better prison environment for the inmates and converting it from a place where prisoners are to be kept locked up to a place where they can get a chance to learn and change- and where the guards can become guardians.
Her Excellency Lt Governor Dr. Kiran Bedi believes strongly in working alongside NGOs and is known for her commendable transformation of the Tihar jail herself.

While Sharana was not on the list of NGOs already working in the prisons, through the LG’s request we volunteered to start working with the inmates on two projects- art activities and awareness through sports and games. It is Sharana’s belief that a lot of change can be brought about through the medium of art and sports.
A series of meetings were organised, where initially Mrs Rajkala(founder) and Mrs Alo (board member) used to attend with coordinator Vandana. In a later stage, the social workers took over and began working once a week with the inmates. Every Friday an art therapy or an awareness program was held in the prison premises. The prison administration gave our team all the support needed during the same; Sharana brought and provided all the materials needed for each activity conducted by the organisation.
In August, Sharana’s team went to the prison for several days to work on wall painting and beautification project- in order to be ready for the 15th of August- India’s Independence Day! We were proud to have been part of the Independence Day celebrations along with Inspector General of Police (Prisons) Mr Pankaj Kumar Jha, Her Excellency Lt Governor Dr. Kiran Bedi, as well as the inmates of the prison for this year’s Independence Day programs- on this day the Indian Flag was hoisted, and a cultural program was also conducted by the prison inmates’ family members themselves- it was a wonderful event!
Today Sharana continues to with the inmates one afternoon a week- our team of social workers work together on this day at the prison. We have also begun working with women inmates since the last week.