It was a pleasure to have 4 students of the l’Haute Écoles des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg, France work alongside our team of social workers and children for over 10 days this August. Sharana has been working closer and more deeply with art-oriented actions since over 4 years now- we have seen the impact it has both on the children as well as on the larger community.

Sarane Mathis, Martin Schultz, Félix Matthey and Pierre Boyer worked alongside Sharana’s art social worker Manuel Thermond and other social workers to create a mural in one the slums Sharana where Sharana is closely involved. The children were as usual enthusiastically involved, as the other members were also extremely curious and intermittently participative.

It is wonderful to see how works like these create small movements in the slums; the walls in which Sharana has made murals before are no longer used to throw garbage or defecate against- the local communities themselves take up charge to keep those places clean; they are proud of their creation!

The session ended with a pottery workshop held for the students on Saturday morning, it was a fun morning of art and creativity.

This collaboration was possible thanks to Krtatma Verma, friend and supporter of Sharana and director of Aurodhan. A warm thank you to Krtatma for his efforts to bring the artists in touch with our organisation, we hope this is one of many mutual collaborations to follow.

This work will fructify as part of an exhibition by the 4 students at Aurodhan- in fact some of the work/photos taken during their work at Sharana will also be put up in the exhibition to be held on the evening of Sunday the 10th of September- looking forward to seeing one and all there that evening in person if not in spirit!