Thanks to continued support from Luzi Rageth, Sharana launched the 5th year of its Vocational Training Program–Carpentry for school drop-outs and the rural youth in Aranganur this July.

The program has completed 4 successful years , having placed all our young carpenter trainees successfully in various wood work units. There is a growing interest in carpentry in the villages in and around Aranganur, and although immense effort is required to learn and master this craft,we always have new recruits willing to enroll into the program and give themselves a second chance.

What makes this program special is the fact that stress is laid not only on the theory and practical aspects of pure carpentry given by master-carpenter Mani, but wholistic attention to the social and psychological well-being of each student through regular meetings and interactions with social worker Anbu.

Anbu’s efforts are in turn complemented by Sharana volunteers and interns from universities and organizations around the world who impart valuable soft skills via regular activities with the students.

We wish the new batch all the very best at the commencement of their year-long training!