Little Meenatchi(13 years old) and her grandmother live in the streets of Pondicherry. During the past rains and flooding, they suffered a lot: they had no dry place to sleep or any food to eat. Meenatchi used to access the Gayatri House drop in centre regularly to rest and bathe in a safe place, and eat a hot meal. She was also happy to do some activities with the teachers and social workers from time to time.

When schools were closed for 2 weeks during the rains, Meenatchi lost the habit of getting ready and heading towards her school , thus when schools reopened, she had lost all motivation and did not return to her school or to the Gayatri House. She lay on the streets and whiled away her time. The social workers met her during their daily outreach program, and asked her what the problem was. She did not feel like going to school she said, she had lost the will and the energy.

The social workers spoke to her, explaining the importance of education and how it would help her in the future. They also told her, that once the exams would be over, she could come to the Gayatri House everyday to do activities, play games, dance and paint!

The social workers also spoke to the grandmother and the school’s principal,to guide them as to how they should support Meenatchi through her schooling. They needed to be pillars on which she could lean back on, in case things went wrong. Of course the social workers are also always there to help and encourage, the child, the family and when needed the school also. We are proud of you Meenatchi, keep it up!