Manuel, social worker with us at Sharana participated in a two-week International workshop titled ‘People’s Puppet Project (PPP)’ in Pondicherry from the 15th to 28th December 2014.

This was followed by public performances on 26th and 27th December 2014 at prominent, public locations around Pondicherry’s Boulevard Town.

The Peoples’ Puppet Project (PPP) is a unique model in which diverse community groups work intensively with Snuff Puppets to design, build and perform their own outdoor giant puppet spectacles.The aim of the event was to promote the local heritage and culture of our cities through large-format public performances, while creating awareness towards heritage conservation. 

The story was about a grandmother (Bommakka) and her grandchildren. Earlier, the grandmother used to tell many traditional stories to the grandchildren, through which culture and heritage was passed on, in a fun way. However, with the coming of the TV, this has stopped and even the grandmother sits in front of the TV all day long. Manuel played the role of Ravanan. 

The event was held in collaboration with Snuff Puppets-Australia and Indianostrum Theatre-Pondicherry, with support from the Government of Australia under the Australia-India Council.
It was conducted by INTACH Pondicherry and Urban Design Collective.

Through Manuel, Sharana is now very keen to bring these Giant Puppets into our various childrens’ programs like the summer camp, the day care centre etc.