Twenty students met with Vetri, John Peter, Ravi Anand (all Sharana social workers) and Mrs. Vijayalakshmi (a volunteer) at Sharana’s office on March 16 for nearly three hours, in order to discuss prospects for higher education.

The main objectives of the meeting were to assess the students’ educational needs, how they feel about Sharana’s support, and to impart career guidance and planning support. Each of these students is a Sharana beneficiary and has received school tuition fee payments, supplies (notebooks, school bag, and supplies), and a commitment to support their continued college studies.

The group spent some time discussing the time-delay issue caused by the “cash bill” system in Government colleges. When students pay fees at a Government college, they are not able to get cash bills on demand, but often have to wait 4-5 months for the actual bill. This causes a problem for Sharana, since such late bills cannot be accepted for reimbursement. In private colleges, the problem is not cash bills, but very high bills for tuition fees!

Aside from money for fees, student needs include:

  • Extracurricular activities: typewriting, computer literacy, art courses, and tailoring
  • Soft skill development: personality development and spoken English
  • Recreation: annual excursions
  • Career guidance

Please consider extending assistance as much as you can!