It was a pleasure to have Silvana and Brunella; volunteers from Aiutare I Bambini visit us at Sharana for a few days. Aiutare I Bambini (now called Mission Bambini) is an Italian charitable foundation, which was established in 2000 by founder and president Engineer Goffredo Modena. Their mission is to ‘help and support children living in poverty, sickness and without education, giving them the opportunity and hope of a better life.’
The AIB sponsorship program in Sharana began in July 2014 and currently helps 65 children pursue their education. These children are selected from the slums and streets in and around Pondicherry. Most children could not continue school for reasons varying from, the poor economic condition of the parents, lack of awareness about the importance of education (since most of the parents are uneducated themselves), and the need of an extra hand to support the family and supplement the family income.
Silvana and Brunella took the time to visit all these 65 children and their families, with Manuel- the social worker in charge of this program. In order to give the children the best support and assistance possible, we provide them material support, medical support, sanitary support and nutritional support.
We offer them different activities during the weekend in our Sharana Day Care centre. Manuel’s work also extends to the parents, the various schools and boarding schools in which the AIB children are enrolled to ensure a continuous support for the children in their education. With this state in mind, Manuel does daily family visits and weekly school visits.