Sharana received Mr Mani from Samskriya Foundation for a third session last Saturday. While he taught the basics of Air Pressure and Sound through fun experiments in the last 2 sessions, this week the topic of Light was approached with the same methodology. He spent ½ day with 35 children from Sharana training them through simple and basic experiments. Like the last couple of times, all Sharana’s social workers are also part of this learning.

Interested students will be turn be trained by Mani to help teach and explain these basics to children in several government schools and communities where Sharana works.

The aim is to combat the fear and lack of understanding the absolute basics of Maths and Science in most school-going children by making sure the foundation concepts are crisp and clear.

This workshop was in continuation of Sharana’s collaboration with Samskriya Foundation; together we collaborate on several initiatives including the Classroom Libraries and the Learning Modules. (Mani’s sessions are part of these).

Mrs Sandhya Jaichandren, Managing Trustee and Co-founder, uses her psychology background to create a fun and engaging learning experience for children and teachers alike. Based in Chennai, she is passionately committed to providing holistic education to children. She visited Sharana earlier this month and plans to come more often in the coming months.

She met with founder/president Mrs Rajkala, treasurer Mrs Alo and coordinator Mrs Vandana to make a work plan for 2018. Both the programs of the Learning Modules and the Classroom Libraries will continue at Sharana and gather further momentum in the months to come.