KelOptic has sent at least 5000 frames to Sharana till date ; many more wait in France to be sent to India.

Sharana in turn works very closely with the core team of Aravind Eye Hospital; they conduct specialised eye camps in the villages and programs where Sharana operates. During these camps, the patients’ eyes are checked, and glasses are provided at a very subsidized rate for those who require them. In these occasions the frames sent by KelOptic have proved to be very useful.

After the completion of these camps, Sharana hands over any extra frames to Aravind Eye Hospital, who in turn, uses these frames for other village eye camps, where the patients unable to buy a pair of glasses. Aravind eye hospital also conducts free eye operations such as cataract surgeries, for socio-economically disadvantaged individuals.

On behalf of the children and communities of Sharana, a big thank you to KelOptic. We at Sharana are proud to be associated with KelOptic.