Vithiya has a Bachelor’s degree in History, a Diploma course in typewriting and a Diploma course in the beauty industry. Today she is an instructor in a typewriting institute and a part time beautician.

She financially supports her 18 year old sister pursuing a BSc degree in Agriculture. She is also paying for her typewriting courses. She is 26 years old, and in no hurry to marry. On getting a job she approached Sharana asking our Social Worker how she could be of help. She was told that children, 40 of them, at our shelter always wore hand me downs and it would make them very happy if they got new clothes for the festive season. She had since 2011 been meticulous about taking down the list of children, their age and sex and has got the children new clothes every year. She made it a point to celebrate her birthday at the shelter and also that of her family members. When the shelter was shut in 2014 and the children reinserted in families and boarding schools she has continued to be of help differently as advised by the social workers.
Today her dream is to provide the means of education for a child from the 1st to the 12th standard. What she especially wants to do is to give the child a sense of dignity, confidence, empowerment and the spirit to give others what he or she receives from this support.
Vithiya was in the 5th standard when she was on the verge of dropping out of school. Her parents never intended her to study beyond the 8th standard. Sharana identified her as a deserving candidate in the Back to School programme and accompanied her through all her qualifications listed above. What Sharana also did, was to pass on to her the inspiration to help others. Sharana inspired her to achieve independence, feel strong, and even enable to face the boys and men in her environment.
As I conclude my interview she adds “please do acknowledge my group of friends I have managed to influence and who today contribute to the best they can in my work to give back”
It is not as if Vithiya is on a massive payroll. What’s massive is her heart and that of her friends. Perhaps her striking youthful countenance comes from just that – a big big heart.