Sharana received Mme. Nathalie Payraudeau, president of Fonds du Coeur, as well as member of Sharana France for two weeks in the middle of January this year. Fonds du Coeur supports all the activities of the Gayatri House, notably the crèche, the pre-school, the drop-in centre, the mobile library and the sponsorship programs- covering over 300 children.

Mme. Payraudeau took the time to visit all the programs of the Gayatri House accompanied by two social workers of the street and slum programs, to understand field situations and to try to assimilate cultural realities of the families and areas of work of the Gayatri House programs. She also took the time to assess the challenges faced on an everyday basis by to social workers and other staff members of the Gayatri House.

Several meetings were held between Mme.Payraudeau, Rajkala Partha and Alo Pal (president and treasurer-Sharana respectively) where administrative and budget discussions were held.
She was joined by Myriam-godmother in FDC, as well as by her daughters Lucile and Justine for part of her mission at Sharana- they supported FDC’s work through various tasks during their stay. Lucile is also the coordinator of the Sponsorship program in Fonds du Coeur.

Mme. Payraudeau’s stay ended with a meeting with all the social workers, and the account and admin staff of Sharana. Rajkala Partha and Alo Pal were also present for this meeting- as well as Mme. Valerie Fournet Houdaille, a volunteer and friend of Sharana, who is helping out through fundraising initiatives.

Mme. Payraudeau reaffirmed her support towards Sharana and the Gayatri House program before her departure. We thank her for her support and your deep involvement in the street and slum programs- we also thank her for sensitivity and openness in understanding the culture and ways of working of the country- we hope to have her with us very soon, once again.