For a whole month this January, we had Nathalie PAYRAUDEAU, founder of Fonds du Coeur- one of the principal donors of Sharana (street and slum children program) come and work closely with us.

She devoted time to study administrative procedures in India and to understand in detail the work done in the field. She looked into the care and detailed follow up the social workers kept on every beneficiary of the program. She also saw the structured information kept on every activity conducted by the organisation – from using a bag of rice in the kitchen, to a distribution of a notebook to a child: everything is noted.

Also a very strict policy of child protection is implemented towards all staff, volunteers and visitors.

We appreciate how important it is to work closely with the donors, and how much value is added to the program through such visits.

Thank you Nathalie and Fonds du Coeur: we cannot wait to have you back in Sharana very soon.