This week at Sharana, the summer camp kicked off with almost 160 children enrolled. Amala sent this photo last night, with the comment that “the children make Sharana”–which we can read in more ways than one:

We also had a visit from Nicolas Houles, a long-time friend and dedicated supporter, accompanied by another friend, Vincent Le Mouel.

{Eric speaks to Nicholas about the Vocational Training Program}

{One of the VTC trainees presents our guests with shawls}

{Rajkala with the guests}

We talked much, laughed much, together bore the searing heat, shared lunch with the summer campers in Aranganur, and discussed all things under the sun from the Vocational Training program to microwave technology, food safety/quality control, Spirulina production, and animal farming.

{Nicolas, Vincent, Partha, and Sasi in the back, with the VTC trainees in the foreground along with Murugaiyan, and Vetri, and Anbu–the social workers most involved with community development projects.}

Talking Spirulina and food quality control


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