Penned By Board Member Alo Pal

Aarthi was a spark of light during our summer camps. A happy little girl and a favourite with our staff. A beneficiary of our Back to School programme we had hoped, as we do for all our beneficiaries, that education would transform her life.

The team at Sharana is heartbroken by this senseless inhuman brutality inflicted on our little girl.

We may impart to a child time again safe reflexes for self preservation – but what can a little girl do against depraved animals. Against prowling predators. Predators of inconceivable brutality who crushed and stifled the life out of this little girl.

We believe in meaningful action and we will keep Aarthi in our hearts to make it our mission to make our streets and slums safe zones. She will not have died in vain. We will not let that happen.