• -penned by Tanay Kagal

On the 19th of October 2022, 40 students from the first batch of Sharana’s Digital Lab were awarded certificates in ‘Computer Basics’, in the presence of Mr. M Murugaiyen, CFO at Sharana, Ms. Vandana Shah, Operations Director at Sharana, and Ms. Shazeedaa Mohaimeid, Manager at Straive.

The 12-week course was designed and developed at Sharana to bridge the digital divide, which became clearer than ever in the 2 years of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using a computer was a new experience for many of these students, some of whom had never touched a computer and most had not used applications such as Microsoft Office and Internet browsing, which are a part of the course.

After the certificates were given to the students, Sharana invited a few students to share their experience of the Digital Lab. One college student shared how he had approached several computer training centres but none of them were affordable for him, and how he appreciated that Sharana and Straive provided him with free of cost, high-quality training that will be very beneficial to his career. Another student appreciated how approachable and patient the two teachers were, and personally thanked them as well as the entire Sharana team and Straive for making the Digital Lab possible.

Sharana’s Digital and Language Lab was launched on the 22nd of June 2022 by Ms. Manju Bharadwaj, CPO at Straive, and Mr. Dhaneesh Kumar, Senior VP of Delivery Leadership at Straive in the presence of Sharana’s Founder Mrs. Rajkala Partha.