At Sharana, all work is done in close collaboration with the communities we work in. 

Amid the rapidly rising cases of Covid-19; team Sharana continues to work closely alongside local communities we support to create awareness on Covid-19- Safety and Hygiene Best Practices.

This morning our team met about a dozen local youth, both young men and women, who have been following the work done by our organisation in the past couple of years; where we encouraged them to work with team Sharana in our collective fight against Covid-19- we could not think of more able collaborators for the cause. 

While some of these youngsters are working, others are in college or university; they have all agreed to volunteer with Sharana in their free time. They were all very enthusiastic to work together with our team, to bring about a positive behavioral change towards basic health and hygiene practices vis-a-vis Covid-19. 

These youth have come aboard and will be seen engaged in creating awareness in nearby communities. Once awareness has been created appropriate “Hygiene Kits” will be distributed to each family as well. 

This afternoon, one group of volunteers along with our team of social workers have already begun creating awareness of the importance of maintaining the three Ws- Wear a Mask, Watch your Distance, and Wash your Hands- the Mantra of the hour. 

They will also watch out that these are followed in specific areas assigned to them; they will encourage the local population to take responsibility for their own health and safety. 

Our very own Corona Warriors!

(here seen encouraging these elderly women to wear masks)

More updates on this activity will follow in upcoming posts.