It was a pleasure to have recently collaborated with the Women and Child department in the Government’s ongoing Poshan Abhiyaan program. This collaboration was encouraged by Smt. R. Alice Vaz, I.A.S.- Secretary: Women & Child Development.

In the end of September, we conducted a Seeds of Change session with about 70 Anganwadi Teachers in collaboration with the Women and Child Department. We conducted two sessions of our Seeds of Change program, where we create awareness through sports and games.

While 48 teachers participated in the morning sessions, 28 of them partook in the afternoons session. They did not hesitate to participate in these game sessions, and the energy was that of excitement and the curiosity to learn. The women did not hesitate for a moment to lift up their saris and run when required- for a moment they become little girls whose only aim was to win and learn!

Both in the morning and in the evening, we played games and puzzles which created awareness on the topic of Hands Washing- its importance and relevance for the Anganwadi teachers is undoubtedly essential. They will in turn be able to create this awareness in all the Anganwadis they work in, in all the staff who work there as well as towards all the mothers who access these centres.

The program was felicitated by Smt. R. Alice Vaz, I.A.S.- Secretary: Women & Child Development along with Thiru. S. Yesvanthaiyah, Director: Women and Child Development, Puducherry as well as Mrs. Rathna, Deputy Director (Women Development), Smt. V. Sarojini, Programme Officer, Women and Child development and Mr. Vadivelu, Welfare Officer: Women and Child Development. Mr Vadivelu was also the one with whom we worked closely to organise this program.

We take this occasion to thank Smt. R. Alice Vaz, I.A.S.- Secretary: Women & Child Development for her deep interest and support towards Sharana’s Seeds of Change program.

At Sharana, we are hoping that this is one of many collaborative sessions to follow, we also look forward to seeing the chain reaction of the awareness created on this day.