Kaviarasan, fondly known as Jana is a charming and bright 13 year old boy from the Kandoctorthotham Slum near the Pondicherry bus stand. He is a regular at the Gayatri House drop-in centre, and his younger sister Srimathi is a Mission Bambini sponsored child.

Jana’s father is a painter by day and an alcoholic by night- but he keeps his vice under control as much as possible, he wants his children to undergo a good education and come out of this vicious cycle of poverty. Jana’s mother, a true fighter, works as a housemaid and takes of everything at home, paying the bills, putting food on the table and most importantly- caring for the children.
Jana has always been interested in studies, when he is in school or doing his homework, nothing can disturb him. He is brilliant in mathematics and science and hopes to one day be a famous scientist who makes India proud. He has shown tremendous potential at school and the authorities have taken him to various local and national competitions and quizzes where he has always excelled and done his school proud. Recently he participated in an All India Maths Science Talent Examination, where he stood 59th in all of India and 1st in his school- he scored a whopping 99.45 percent!
The Gayatri House program social workers have been working with Jana since 5 years now, they have since the very beginning encouraged Jana to participate in all activities, express his emotions through art therapy and other mediums and come out of his shell.
Jana and his family have always known that in difficult times, the Sharana social workers will be there to support them and guide them through the problem and come out even stronger as a family unit. It is heart-warming to see, in the midst of all the problems, a family although ridden with difficulties- making their children and their education the central and most important priority.