Last month we were delighted to have Mr. Bruno de Kerhor, a dear old
friend of Sharana India and an active member of Sharana France with us.

He helped us and accompanied us in many of our projects, distributing
uniforms in Angalakuppam, distributing certificates to our VTC
children, visiting the children in the Aranganur Govt. Primary school
(collective sponsorship), and preparing detailed higher education

He also visited Aravind Eye Hospital with us, where we donated
550 frames that we had received earlier this year from Keloptic.

He will visit us every year with his wife Chantal, and work with us
for 2-3 months. His contribution will range from writing official
articles to providing a necessary helping hand in our various

He also gave classes of spoken French to some of our Sharana staff. It
was wonderful and we are certain that these lessons will continue when
Bruno returns in January 2015.

It was lovely having you with us Bruno; we look forward to having you
back with Chantal very soon.