Last Saturday Sharana completed four wonderful weeks of summer camp.
It was a busy and intense period for all of us, but a labour which
brought forth 126 radiant smiles at the end of the four weeks.

We were happy to receive 126 children from our various programs here
in Sharana. The children came from Pondy and some of the neighbouring
villages, The camps were divided into four batches each lasting a

The children came in with the tension and stress of the Indian
examination behind them. Having endured the grind of their studies
they were here to relax enjoy and reconnect with nature.

Like every year the children were provided with wholesome and
sumptuous food for their entire stay, and spent quality time with
their friends, the social workers and our numerous volunteers.

The summer camp week consisted of numerous activities, such as yoga,
“ludomobile”, swimming, art therapy, dance, “playdagogy”, activities
from “Childline”. The highlight for the children was the bon-fire that
was lit on the last day of their stay. There was dance, music and the
laughter of the kids.

During their stay the children were also provided some career guidance programs.

The summer camp is an occasion for Sharana's beneficiary children to
come and unwind from the stress of the examination and have a small
vacation, which might be difficult for the otherwise taking into
account their socio-economic background.