This year too, we were happy to receive an intern from

She integrated immediately with our teams in the projects, and starting working more in detail with our children at the day care centre.

She observed their behavior, and the functioning of the day care centre, and suggested appropriate methods for the teacher in order to cope with these children from very difficult backgrounds, and put into practice a program that would help bring positive behavioral changes in the children.
She worked very closely with Rani, our pre-school teacher, during this time, and has trained Rani in various aspects, such as Positive Re-enforcement, Consistency, and Planned Ignoring. 
After three months, we see  already a huge difference, in the attitude and behavior of the children, and of course, this is just the beginning. We need to continue, along the lines of a detailed Manuel that Megan has prepared for us. We also plan to go with Rani and Amala, and to train the teachers of all the creche programs in Sharana.

Megan ended her stay with us, by giving us a presentation of her work here, at Sharana. 

We were happy to receive, Dr. Elaine Wright, Director of Global Programs,
Good work everyone, thank you Megan and Dr. Wright!