We are proud to share that the Sharana carpentry training program production unit – that is the 10 boys along with Mani have taken up the professional order of doing the woodwork for an upcoming apartment, and creating door frames, window frames and ventilators for the same.

This project has been in its thought phase for a couple of years , and finally starting taking shape early this year. The order came through in March, when the team began working on creating the window and door frames- the delivery of the same was made in early May.

The second phase will comprise of making the doors and the windows and a third phase of fixing these into the apartment.
The entire process will take about 3-4 more months, depending on how soon and smoothly the phases follow each other- the contractor has to be able to give the wood soon for the work to be completed soon as well.

The Sharana VTC program is proud to have been able to receive and work on such an order and hope that this is only the first of many to come. Although for a first time, the profits made will not be steep (since there are times where we have to hire an additional carpenter to help with more specialised work that students are not capable yet of delivering)- the experience and hands-on learning is essential and precious.
This kind of hands on training, makes further sure that the boys are ready for work at the of one year at Sharana.

This present batch will complete its training end June and a new 6th batch begins to train on the 1st of July 2017.
With this we wish the VTC boys and Mani all the best for fruitful completion of the same, and to receive many such order in the near future.