Following the wonderful feedback from the children, Sharana and Samkriya Foundation are collaborating once again this year.

Mrs. Sandhya, founder of the organisation and a close friend of Sharana’s has equipped Sharana with a large collection of storybooks which are in turn being given out to schools where children could read them in their free time.

The aim is to encourage reading and initiate interest in books among the children- as well as to move away from the by-heart and spit-out-the -right-answer method used presently; to encourage the children to read books, and learn to take care of them as well as to encourage the headmasters as well as the teachers to encourage and promote reading and true understanding in their respective schools.

Since last year there are a series of books at the Sharana centre, both the main office as well as the street and slum children centre- in both these places children are allowed to take books home with them and bring them back the next time they come to Sharana- they are being slowly taught that the books are theirs to use and take care of, and to ignite the interest of wanting to read and know more.

The books are of a wonderful quality with up-to-date information and specially illustrated with Indian figures, instead of the American edition books whose characters and cultural context Indian children find it very difficult to relate to.

A warm thank you to Mrs. Sandhya for her constant support, wonderfully chosen content in the books and a watchful eye- she has offered to replenish the stock as soon as it runs out. It is a good sign to see the books get old and worn out, it means that the kids are making use of it as their own- she says.