Kanchana’s father Sekar died of a heart attack 5 years ago. He had been Sharana’s driver, a wonderful and helpful person- part of Sharana’s family for over 10 years before his sudden demise. Kanchana’s mother works as a tailor in a local NGO – in order to support the family.

Kanchana, the oldest of the three siblings is also the most responsible. She recently completed her Bachelors of Science in Nursing with brilliant scores. She was then selected in the Campus interview in her College, and a couple of weeks ago, she has begun work as a full-time qualified nurse in Apollo Hospital in Chennai! Her family, still ridden with tough economic circumstances would benefit from an extra salary being brought home.
Kanchana was a bright student, who was highly appreciated by the doctors in the hospitals during her internships. During her studies she has won a prize in Elocution, and also presented a paper on “Recent views on Schizophrenia” at a workshop in Tamilnadu. She also completed a Diploma in Yoga alongside her Bachelors course.
After a couple of years of working, Kanchana would like to continue to study and complete her Masters in Nursing. She dreams of becoming a Lecturer and herself teaching young Nursing students one day. When we inquired if and when she would be married, she answered: “oh there is a lot of time for all that, I need to first make my life and settle my family before thinking of these things!” We could not be more proud of her.
Mme Brigitte Peltier from SEME, a close friend of Sharana from France had very kindly offered to sponsor the education of all three of Sekar’s children, Kanchana, Kalaiarasan and Gayathri after their father’s demise. Thank you for your support.