Sharana’s Carpentry Vocational Training program, with a training facility complete with machinery and equipment was built in 2011-2012 in Aranganur. 

The first batch of 9 students (selected from an applicant pool of 22, all drawn from nearby villages) began their study in July 2012.We are proud to announce a successful completion of their course, they have all been placed in jobs that pay them up to 12000 rupees a month!

A small certificate distribution function, ended up becoming a moment of sharing and emotions. These boys told us how they could have easily succumbed to becoming drug-addicts and alcoholics, but thanks to Sharana, and the constant support and counseling of the social workers, and their teacher and mentor, Mani, they clung on to hope. And they grew wings!

The first batch bought a clock for the VTC program building, and a wrist watch for their mentor Mani, with their first salaries.

The old batch left with a feeling of pride,and a new carpenter’s tool-kit; and the new batch wore for us their new uniforms, held their new tools and course books, and started their classes filled with renewed energies and dreams. What a beautiful moment!