It is about a month since the schools have reopened and it is safe to say that the children as well as all the schools are back to serious work mode.

June-August are extremely busy months for our team of 10social workers as that is when school and house visits, and their contact sessions are most crucial to make sure that the year has begun well and that problems are addressed at the bud.

As a pleasant surprise a well-wisher from Delhi donated 350 geometry cases; Mr. Sandeep Gandotra from Sky High Corporation did not think twice before sending off this 60 kg parcel to the programs of Sharana. The smiles on the faces of the children says everything about how these were received- we distributed these to children above 12 years of age, and who start geometry at school.

Sharana is happy and grateful to accept donations both in cash as well as in kind and each donated rupee is acknowledged. It gives us immense joy and satisfaction to receive local and national donations, when Indians given back to the society that helped them be successful. We are hoping this is one of many such donations, a trend setter for this academic year and others to come.

And every gesture counts. Everything adds up and helps us move towards achieving our set goals for the social programs at Sharana. In the course of the next week, all the 350 boxes will be distributed to our various programs ranging from street and slum children support to rural collective sponsorship. Look out for update photos on our Facebook Page.