We just completed our first week of the 2017 summer camps. The residential camps are open for all the children in the various programs of Sharana. All the social workers are working together to ensure the children have a fun-filled week of learning and friendship.

For this occasion, the social workers, different professional resource personnel, organizations, and volunteers come to help and provide different activities to the children.

Various activities were conducted in the last week including awareness sessions by trained resource personnel, morning walks into the neighbouring villages, book reading sessions, stretching exercises, dance, art therapy, craft-work-such as making a dream catcher, and delicious food!
Special sessions were also organized for the children where they could learn a traditional village dance with drums. During the course of the week, the children also painted portions of the Sharana resource building wall.

Lakshmi, Sharana’s medical staff from Angalakuppam did an individual medical checkup of all the children in the end of the week, to make sure they were all in good health.

This year again, we aimed at a “clean and green Sharana” at the Camps. We have tried to cook, as far as possible, only the vegetables we have grown in our garden at Aranganur. The children have helped in harvesting the vegetables, in watering the plants and in maintaining the garden-plots. What joy the children felt when they ate the vegetables they had harvested that morning!

There will be a total of 5 weeks of summer camps at Aranganur this year at Sharana- and although it is turning out to be an exceptionally hot summer, special kudos for our team of social workers, volunteers and resource people for making the camps a huge success like every year.