Sharana works with over 300 children from the streets and slums of Pondicherry, the main objective of the intervention being the well-being and the education of the children. While the Gayatri House offers a day care centre for all the children where they can be safe, eat, bathe, rest and do several activities; both the Mission Bambini and the Gayatri House also follow the educational progress of the children attending formal schooling.

A common observation made by the three social workers of the street and slum program was that although children went to school regularly and came to the Gayatri House on Saturdays and school holidays- they were still having trouble following what was taught at school and unable to complete their homework. The children are first generation school goers and need special and individual attention to understand what was taught at school.

When the social workers went out on school and house visits they realised that the children needed not only a regular homework support, they were also emotionally vulnerable and needed a regular support from the social workers. Also the environment at home is not always favorable with alcoholic fathers, often absent parents, unhygienic surroundings and insufficient food for the children who go home hungry from school.

Sharana decided to start a homework help centre for the street and slum children rather than organising outside for each child separately to have private homework lessons in the evening. Not only is this a more economically viable solution, this would also facilitate a closer follow up of the children and bring more emotional stability and support for the children by keeping them positively engaged.

The children are happy to come to the Gayatri House every evening; where they begin each class by freshening up with a warm glass of milk and a snack. Two teachers and a caretaker have been organised to help the children in the evening, and the centre is overseen by the three social workers.