It was a pleasure to have Mr. Aarmugam Raju (also known fondly as Ara) , Hubert H Humphrey Fellow and Founder Director, InvesT HOPE skills Academy, Chennai with us earlier this week. Mr Ara held an interactive and fun-filled workshop with more than a dozen of the organisation’s staff members working in diverse programs and departments in Sharana.

He has a vast experience in the field of Human Resources Management for 22 Yrs in Public and Private sector undertakings. He has previously worked for companies like, FORD India, Ford Technologies, Lalit Group of Hotels, Mahindra Holidays, ITDC, and Cement Corporation of India. He has also published expert opinion papers in Express Hotelier and caterer magazines on Human Resources Management.

The session began with a basic self- introduction session, followed by an informative and fascinating lecture. After a short break, he conducted some team-building exercises and ended the evening by sharing some of his experiences and some of the toughest decisions he had to take that have shaped his life for the better.

“It all comes down to us, and what we want to do, and to our attitude”, he said.

The afternoon flew by; it was both thought provoking as well as informative; each of us left smiling and introspective- and feeling a little closer to each other as well as to ourselves.