Most of the Sharana sponsored children who wrote their 10th and 12th exams this year, received good marks in spite of the problems they face every day at home.

Our sponsored child K.Kalaiselvi has finished her 10th standard and has secured a high score of 464/500 in this public examination. Kalaiselvi scored exceptionally well in her Science and Social Science paper where she scored 98/ 100 in both the subjects.

This massive success comes from her dedicated effort and her mother’s determination. Kalaiselvi’s father had abandoned the family when she was but a child. The mother is the only source of income; she labours hard as a mason all day long to be able to support and feed her family. Even today they live in a thatched roof house, but the mother is strong-minded to give Kalaiselvi and bright future.

Our sponsored child S.SathishKumar secured 967/1200 in the 12th standard Public Examination; he has worked very hard to secure these good marks.

Having lost his father at a young age, his mother has brought up Sathish and his 2 siblings single-handedly by working as a housemaid. His mother’s determination, and Sharana’s support has helped Sathish come so far. We wish him all the best for his future studies and professional career.

V.Agneswari has completed 10th standard in St.Francis Assisi Government Aided High School, she is a boarding school student and has secured 402/500 marks in the S.S.L.C public examination. Agneswari is the School topper for this academic year.

Although her score itself may not be exceptional; the conditions through which Agneswari has passed through to reach this level deserves applause. Her father had passed away when she was a child (kidney failure); the mother has been working as a housemaid since. Having three children, it has been a tough battle for the mother to bring them all up, and to send them to school. Agneswari’s boarding school fees and others expenses are borne by Sharana, thus reducing this weight of the mother’s chest. Agneswari would like to choose the Biology group in 12th standard and wants to become a doctor. All our wishes are with her.

Loganayagi, who lives with her family in the Kandoctor Thotham Slum, scored the highest marks in her entire school, for the 10th standard examinations.

Her father had passed away when she was a child, and her mother (a saleslady at Pothys) has struggled for years make ends meet. But she was determined to give Loganayagi and her 2 younger brothers the best education possible. All three children access our drop in centre at the Gayatri House.

Congratulations also to the Sharana sponsorship team and the Gayatri House team who have provided professional, social and psychological support to these children day in and day out.