It was a pleasure to have the president of Chemins d’Enfances, Martine Roussel-Adam and some of the principal donors of the Awareness through Sports and Games program with us at Sharana for a few days. They took the time to meet and discuss the progress and future of the program with Rajkala, and then went on the visit the project live at Angalakuppam and Mathur. 

In Mathur , the children played a Playdagogy game, and then did some puzzles as well as fun scientific activities about the hands washing issue and the teeth brushing issue, in order to understand the key moments when to wash the hands, why to brush the teeth, and what the exact action of soap and toothpaste is…

As for Angalakuppam, the children made use of the Child-to-Child methodology to explain to their village what they understood about the waste issue: why throwing non-organic waste in the nature pollutes the ground water, why it is dangerous for animals… But they also went further in their awareness- creation by presenting through a drama an idea of having a waste collecting system to clean the whole village!

A discussion took place after the drama between the children and the community in order for everyone to express their views about the topic. The richness of the discussion enables us to be very confident about the involvement of the community for the next steps of the project. The donors, Martine and Rajkala also had an informal meeting with the Village Panchayat Head; Mr. Jeeva who believes in this project and is there to supports us.

By the end of the stay of the donors, the concept of Playdogogy, and Child-to-Child was clearer in their minds, and they saw the sheer joy that these activities brought to these village children.

The successful cooperation between Proshanto, coordinator of the project, Ragu, social worker, and the educators of the villages to prepare and set up all these activities is good news and bodes well for the future of the project.