We are proud to share with you, that we have completed one successful year of
the Awarenes project through Sports and Games with Chemins d’Enfances with the
help of the pedagogy from Sports Sans Frontieres (now Pl4i International).
To play, to have fun and yet learn at the same time, is our common aim. We have
invented many sports games through which we are raising the awareness of
children, including those who come from the toughest neighborhoods, on topics
such as environment, hygiene and social problems. This methodology of active
education enables the children to deeply understand and appropriate the awareness

Once the children know enough about a given awareness topic, it is their turn to
spread the awareness to their community.

Proshanto has completed one year with us, and will stay back another few months
to train Ragu, an educator turned social worker from the village of Mathur, who
will slowly become responsible of training the other educators in Angalakuppam,
Seliamedu and Aranganur.

Celia, head of mission Chemins d’Enfances has left us after her 1 year mission,
to be followed by Alban who has joined the team bringing with him huge enthusiasm
and positive energy.

Children loved to play in 2014 and we are confident we will gather more and more
children on the playgrounds in 2015. That is why we are positive of the outcomes
of this project in terms of village sensitization on topics such as environment,
hygiene and social problems.

So, let the games continue! Ready? Start!